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by Throne of Heresy

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YomaBarr What totally nice unpretentious epic death metal with a bit of black thrown in for a good measure. It doesn't pretend anything, it just is as it is, and it is good. Riffs up to the wazoo, too.
Some albums are just friendly, you know?
Liam S 666
Liam S 666 thumbnail
Liam S 666 Thanx to Winterpercht for bringing this album to my attention. I was hooked from the first listen as track 1 "The Shores of Issyk-Kul" is brilliant, it enapsulates everything I love about metal. Winterpercht is correct as this album gets better with each listen and it has been on heavy rotation since I purchased it. I have since purchased the cd and vinyl versions as I like to have the physical copy if possible plus I wanted to show my appreciation to ToH for this piece of brilliance. ToH has created the AOTY for me at least. exceptional Favorite track: Siege of Caffa.
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It came across the hills An unseen roiling mass It moved beneath the soil And through the fields of feather grass At dawn it crept on the slopes At day it crawled through the trees Come fall of dusk and It had found its way to the streets Nightfall came and went again But none were there to attest By the hands of the unseen thing They were laid to eternal rest Their bodies shorn Their lives cut short Kutluk was the first to fall Magna-Kelka was his wife In a hovel by the lake The Horseman came to claim their lives In the year of the hare By the shores of Issyk-Kul This is where the end began Eradication of man It swept along the roads Throughout the eastern sands Killing one and all Leaving empty barren lands A punishment for heathen souls Like a fetid miasma sent from on high The unbelievers and any who come to deny They will suffer the vengeance of god
We ride Across the open steppe By sword and bow we rule Under the bloodred tamgha Nations submit or succumb To the rule of the Khan No greater empire We're the riders of the yam Karash Shyngay Komur Tenger Etseg Badysh Yabash Kerey Erleg Khan Descendants of Genghis Whom blessed Sarai awaits As the fleet horse carries you So shall you carry the secret of death The scythe of nations Tenger, your thundering voice Is heard close to the abyss Unifier of the thoughts of men Ruler with a thousand eyes Accept my offering Take illness and sorrow from me Grant me protection And keep me From the deity of death A prayer for the gods of old Uttered in the tongue of the beasts Animistic rites conducted To travel the realms below Hear the chant of the shaman His words are unwritten law For he has seen the lower world Where countless suns are awaiting rebirth
In the beginning there was an alliance A concord struck From a solid foundation of gold But as all things must This too turned foul Mistrust and abuse A downward spiral Rising calamity Brought by the fall Scavengers gathering The carrion calls Halcyon days Shall herald the storm Black words of spite Have ruined us all A wayward glance Sparking a fire The flames consuming the land Burn higher and higher The enemy is at the gates The walls will hold them back Camped outside of arrow range The siege machines attack Raining black death Spreading the plague Hear them cry Lay siege, lay siege Drive them into the sea Lay siege, lay siege Beleaguered with no retreat Into the catapults Over the wall Like putrid rain Let festering corpses fall In this war no sides exist Except the dying and the dead A man's worth is nothing at all The scales of justice lay bared The reek of flesh covers the world As the city burns Rats and vermin shall reign supreme As the blackened water churns Lay siege, lay siege Drive them into the sea Lay siege, lay siege Beleaguered with no retreat No quarter given No white flags flown No surrender accepted No glory found In the beginning there was an alliance A concord broken By the deeds of self-righteous men But as all things must This too turned foul Herald the fall...
The creaking of plank and of rope The crack as the wind hits the sail The crash of waves upon the hull Stinking bodies in various states of decay The moans of the dying The cries and gasps of pain From those whose organs soon fail See them come upon the horizon Their hulls too deep in the water Billowing sails outlined by the light of the moon The warning bells ring out Too late, too late they're coming about Slanting one way or another Veering as if run by a skeleton crew The ships, they enter the harbor The screams of the damned Echo across the hills But why have they come And brought us all these ills Pray to your god Pray for your soul to be saved Kneel for your salvation Beg for your lives Pray for your loved ones Pray to nothing at all On deaf ears Silent prayers fall The ocean is a harsh mistress Giving and taking in unequal measure Yet she cannot compare Even by smallest fraction To the massive extent Of the impending disaster
Decameron 05:08
Such was the cruelty of heaven That in the year of our lord 1348 One hundred thousand souls Perished in the city alone What inhabitants In their prime and vigour of youth That neither Galen, Hippocrates Nor Aesculapius himself But would have declared in perfect health After dining heartily with their friends Have supped with the departed In the other world Messina/Genoa/Florentia Siena/Venezia/Roma Miasma/Atra/Mors Pestilence/Schwarzer Tod/Digerdöd Decameron
“Then, I heard a loud voice from the temple Saying to the seven angels Go and pour out the bowls Of the wrath of god upon the earth So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth And a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men Who had the mark of the Beast And those who worshipped his image” The endtimes have arrived Heralded by saints and sinners alike The time of the antichrist draws nigh Flagellants, death dancers, little brothers all Pave the way for our common fall As is the way of men In hardships we turn on our kin Burning Maiming Killing Praying Atrocities in the name of your faith The antichrist has but to wait While we destroy ourselves That he may rule where no life dwells The toil of existence Hardships, famine and wars A life made no brighter As vengeance is sent by your lord “The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun And it was allowed to scorch people with fire They were scorched by the fierce heat And they cursed the name of god Who had the power over these plagues They did not repent and give him glory...” Accept thy judgment Corporeal punishment Abrade thy skin with thorns This is the will of thy god Prostrate thyself before him For three and thirty days Let thy skin be a canvas of pain Reject the Holy See Decry the papacy Where antichrist roams free
Järtecken 01:13
A futile endeavour Truth has departed The flock is scattered As the wolf rages Plague is poured out Engulfing the lambs Acolytes of Satan Have overturned the temples Children die For the sins of their fathers Untended The vine is blighted by sin The priests of god are unchaste Their deeds not matching their name Peace and patience Thoroughly plundered Northward Through Teutonic lands Where none but the dead Keep their silent vigil As the plague marches on Crossing the pastures green Into the mountainous north Ancient and hale Crops rot where they grow Cattle lie dead in the fields The lands of men Lie desolate in the stillness And over it all A silence so loud No man can escape The susurration of death Like the murmur of a storm approaching From ancient Byzantium To the black gates of Antioch Harken the wail of despair A futile endeavour The curse of existence The end infernal As carcasses burn
Alvastra 05:42
In darkness a vision A love forlorn Bereft of joy A life in servitude Upon suffering acolyte Revelations bestowed And it is said: When he walks across the earth with his plow Sparing neither young nor old Each shall be judged And each shall die In their own sin The end is coming Surrender to the sight The lord has spoken All men must die Into darkness Plunge the world anew Unleash the final days Born by revelations' truth Bride of Christ Living sacrifice A life of flesh denied A prophecy spoken Thirty-three shall die Cast them down before his eyes Godly redeemer Diviner of ways Send the pious to their graves Visions of death Foreseen in auguries Through fever dreams A prior's confidence At the abbey Death shall ride forth Claiming the souls Of the damned Why god why Have you chosen me For this gruesome task Suffering in vain Total loss of self At the abbey of her dreams Holy visions gained/Ascend the path of saints
It came across the hills That unseen roiling mass It braved capricious seas And every mountain pass When life holds no meaning When pale mourning dawns Thin strands of purpose unravel The bleakness of it all The grand final harshness A sign of our fall Prepare the soul for departure Await the fate of us all Death, I beseech thee Grant me thy swift release Death, I become thee Roaming this hellish domain In splendor the sun sets Upon human remains Is there no salvation No relief from thy meted judgment You have taken them all Into thy kingdom Why was I abandoned Left to fend for myself In this nightmare Where only the dead remain What transgression so vile What sin committed That I must suffer from life Where all others die When life holds no meaning When pale mourning dawns Thin strands of purpose unravel The bleakness of it all Always present To the mind's eye Those of my flesh Their bleak spirits Never moving on


Throne of Heresy release their ambitious new concept album Decameron on November 3rd through The Sign Records. The album depicts the horrors of the Black Death in the 14th century.

Much like the book it takes its name from, Decameron revolves around 10 stories, beginning with the first known victims of the plague in Asia and moving through the known world, ending on the band's native Ostrogothian soil.

Throne of Heresy teamed up with producer Magnus ”Devo” Andersson (Marduk) to create a blend of heavy riffing and atmospheric, sometimes even chaotic, melodies wrapped in an earthy and dynamic soundscape. Mastered at Kalthallen Studios. Cover art by Mattias Frisk.

Physical copies (cd and vinyl) can be ordered through freighttrain.se or our bigcartel site (link in bio to the right).


released November 3, 2017

All music by Tomas Göransson & Throne of Heresy except Liber Secretorum, written by Lars Björkens, Tomas Göransson & ToH. All lyrics by Thomas Clifford.

Recorded & mixed in May-June 2017 by Magnus Devo Andersson in Endarker Studio Sweden. Mastered by Markus Skroch in Kalthallen Studios.

Cover art, logo & layout by Mattias Frisk.


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Throne of Heresy Mjölby, Sweden

Beginning in 2009 as a thrash/death metal act, Throne of Heresy have continuously evolved and expanded their sound since the debut "Stench of Deceit".

Sophomore outing "Antioch" featured a much darker sound than before, which the band has built on for their latest release; the concept album "Decameron", out on November 3 2017. Listen to it in full here on Bandcamp!
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